Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Résumer: Celtics Vs. T'Wolves, game 33

The bottom line: This one was ugly, but a win is a win. The Celtics played from behind for 46 minutes and I sat around waiting for them to wake up, before showing up in the final 2 minutes, just in time to keep everyone on edge and win the game. You know. The usual.

Player of the game: Preface: It might become apparent as I keep blogging that I don't like Von Wafer. This is due to the fact that he has the tendency to only talk to naked women on twitter in an apparent effort to.... err.. connect... with them. However, I'm a grown up, so I should at least make the effort to make the distinction between what he does in his personal life and what he does on the court. That being said, the player of the game for last nights less than beautiful effort goes to both Von Wafer (for reaching double figures ((10 points)) for the first time in a Celtic uniform, forcing a rare 5 second violation in the beginning of the 4th frame and finishing with a team high +15... meaning that everyone else in Green played well while we was on the floor), and Paul Pierce (for having a monster second half and giving the team energy: 18 of his 23 points and 5 of his 6 rebounds came after the intermission. It never gets old!).

Tommy quote of the night: "IT WASN'T PRETTY BUT WHO NEEDS AN OIL PAINTING AT THIS POINT?" This came after Rondo squeezed the ball to Shaq at the end of the 4th, and Shaq managed to find the sunlight and lay the ball in.

Other goodies: Delonte West got his cast off. I can't wait to get this guy back. It will help everyone out, and we have some weary bodies hanging around. He also shared that since the cast was removed, he was able to wash his hand and get rid of the smell of Cheetos. Yum. Thanks. 

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