Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spike Lee wears blue and orange tinted glasses... Prescription strength ones.

I'm guilty of mercilessly attacking the refs, blaming them for miscalls and scheming up conspiracy theories that I'm 500 percent sure some of them have against the Celtics... I'm also guilty of forgetting how annoying that is- until right now. Spike Lee just brought me way back down to earth:

Somebody call this man the WAMBULANCE quickly, because this is a severe case of homer-itis. It's like we watched a different game. The game I watched last night had a box score showing that the Knicks shot 11 more free throws than the Celtics. Yes- the Knicks, playing without their most aggressive post player (A'Mare) shot 11 more free throws than the Celtics. And about not getting a call in the last 2 minutes in Boston- the Knicks didn't need a call. The Knicks absolutely pulverized the Celtics on the offensive boards, and feasted off of second chance points as a result of those boards. The Knicks didn't lose Game 2 because of the refs, or a lack of resolve or effort. Not only did Carmelo have an EPIC performance- but the rest of the team put forth an amazing effort that frankly, down A'Mare and Billups, I never would have thought they were capable of. They were seconds away from winning, but the Knicks lost the game because of poor execution. Veteran teams with playoff experience know how to close games. Other teams do not... And that might sound as cliche as whining about officiating, but it is what it is. Spike Lee wants to blame the refs for costing the Knicks the game- but what about Jarred Jefferies on that last play of the game? He himself said he should have shot the ball, instead of trying to force it to Bill Walker (of all people), but he didn't. It was a frenzied moment and the pressure on him was off the chain- so he panicked. That's when the better team executes and less experienced teams falter, as the Knicks did. 

And okay- I also can't help but add that Paul Pierce got whacked around and hacked a heck of a lot without getting a call, and Rondo also took a couple of non-whistled cheap shots.

Nicki Minaj is busy.

This is Nicki giving Steve Nash a lap dance. Hilarious!!!! Oh Steve. Jared Dudley has to be sad it wasn't him instead: 

And a couple days ago, it was Chris Paul:
Please note the huge grins on both of their faces as they exit the stage. Nicki is the best. 

Oh good. Kobe made a PSA about accepting and respecting gay people.

Some other Lakers chimed in, and chipped in their couple of cents about embracing diversity.
I fail to understand why anybody would think that making a video like this would come off as even remotely sincere or meaningful. Maybe it's just me... But probably not. In cases like this, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't. 

The Heat ask their fans to "fan up" by wearing white shirts... So the Heat wives and girlfriends got in on the gig.

White shirts... Because the Heat are white hot. Get it? Soooo funny.

Anyway, here's Savannah Brinson, Adrienne Williams (soon to be Bosh) and Tameka Foster in their white shirts. As far as I know, Tameka is not a wife or a girlfriend of any Heat player, so she's probably just friends with the other girls because it makes sense that one woman famous for no other reason than being married to Usher would be friends with two other women known for dating famous men. Was that rude?

And another picture of Savannah: 
I absolutely love everything about this outfit. According to The YBF she's wearing: "a BCBG jacket Co-op Tank with Scoop jeans, a vintage necklace, Louboutin shoes and a Versace bag..." AKA that outfit costs more than I make in a month.

The proverbial question: Will Shaq return or is he done?

It's amazing how these things spread like wild fire. I read on Reds Army and at various other blogs/off tweets that Shaq would not be returning. That story came from a story in the Eagle Tribune, who apparently got the information from an anonymous source: 

BOSTON — Shaquille O'Neal may have worn a Boston Celtics uniform for the last time.
In what would be a crippling blow to their chances of winning a title, the Celtics are going forward as if the affable center won't be returning to team for the playoffs, according to an NBA source.
It means the other O'Neal — Jermaine, who has had knee problems since opening day, will be the go-to big man with Glen Davis and Nenad Krstic as his backups.
The Celtics came to this conclusion after Shaq failed to complete one simple sprint up and down the court during a "conditioning test" on Saturday, before he limped off the court in Waltham.
The Celtics held out a slim hope Shaq would be able to make his return in their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the Knicks or possibly in the conference semifinals, if they advanced.
"If he were to come back, it would have to be a miraculous recovery," said the source, who requested anonymity. "And at his age (he turned 39 on March 6) and physical condition, the Celtics have planned accordingly."

While it's perfectly realistic that Shaq may not return this postseason, I found this report to be instantly questionable... I mean why would a source with such juicy info choose "The Eagle Tribune" as their outlet? I had to google the paper just to find out where it was. Why not splurge and go with the Globe? Or ESPN? It just seemed weird. If I had that kinda info, I'd be soaking up my 15 minutes of fame. Catch me on PTI, Anonymous Source X, with the blurred out face and deepened voice. I mean no disrespect towards that writer or his paper... But anyway, as soon as that report leaked, everyone predictably started going all crazy. Doc Rivers was asked about it and refuted it:

"While timelines have often been extended with O'Neal, Rivers was asked flat out if he expects the 39-year-old center to play in the postseason and he reaffirmed that belief by simply saying, "Yes... He's going to try to [get on the court Thursday]," said Rivers. "... He's going to try to do something [Thursday] and we'll see. He’s had some improvement, but I don’t know how much. I’m just going by what [team trainer] Eddie [Lacerte] and [team physician Dr. Brian] McKeon tell me. They thought he’s had some improvement."

So there. From Doc. Not even Danny, Doc. Of course it's still completely possible that he could be ruled out completely at any time... But I still have (marginal) hope that #36 will return. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wes Welker was on the Pre-Game Meal with Shannon Allen

Here's video from the episode: 

I love Shannon. She seems like such a sweetheart... And Wes is toooo cute.

More video: 
Wes's super pretty girlfriend joins them. 

Have you been wondering about what Allen Iverson's been up to?

Fine. Me either. But I did stumble upon a video where he makes a random cameo:
And it kind of got me thinking... First of all- about that remix? Why does Jermaine Dupri need to be so crass? The best part of the whole thing was when Da Brat told AI about himself at the end there. But second of all, I hope they paid him for that appearance... Because time's have been rough for Mr. Iverson. As if it wasn't sad enough that he couldn't find a job in the NBA and had to play in Turkey, he has been hampered by a calcium deposit in his calf, which has obviously prevented him from playing. He's also facing foreclosure on a mansion in Denver and more recently, had his car impounded in Atlanta, because he was driving around with expired plates. Apparently when he was pulled over for that infraction, he took it upon himself to explain to the cops that he did not care if they took that car away, because, "... I (Allen Iverson) have ten more (cars)... I make more money than you will in 10 years." Sadly for A.I., that seems to be a false statement.

All the news you need to know in increments of 140 characters (or less)

Jermaine O'Neal rocked last night:

Chauncey Billups got hurt: 
Rondo might have hurt his knee too: 
Krstic definitely hurt his knee (but not during the game):

Shaq won't play tomorrow.... Surprise!!
But he does dress like an OG. Nice suit and sneakers, Big Man:
This next one takes Zero characters, but it is a visual depiction to all Knicks fans about why they shouldn't be complaining about the officiating: 
That, my friends, is a call that indisputably went the wrong way at a pivotal point in the game, similar to the situation last night involving Carmelo Anthony and Paul Pierce that so many Knicks fans are up in arms about.

And in news unrelated to last nights game, but still about the Celtics, Flo Allen ran the Marathon today.
She ran it last year as well. Good for her! 2 in 2 years is an unbelievable accomplishment! And her hard work shows, she looks amazing.