Monday, April 18, 2011

Have you been wondering about what Allen Iverson's been up to?

Fine. Me either. But I did stumble upon a video where he makes a random cameo:
And it kind of got me thinking... First of all- about that remix? Why does Jermaine Dupri need to be so crass? The best part of the whole thing was when Da Brat told AI about himself at the end there. But second of all, I hope they paid him for that appearance... Because time's have been rough for Mr. Iverson. As if it wasn't sad enough that he couldn't find a job in the NBA and had to play in Turkey, he has been hampered by a calcium deposit in his calf, which has obviously prevented him from playing. He's also facing foreclosure on a mansion in Denver and more recently, had his car impounded in Atlanta, because he was driving around with expired plates. Apparently when he was pulled over for that infraction, he took it upon himself to explain to the cops that he did not care if they took that car away, because, "... I (Allen Iverson) have ten more (cars)... I make more money than you will in 10 years." Sadly for A.I., that seems to be a false statement.

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