Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Heat ask their fans to "fan up" by wearing white shirts... So the Heat wives and girlfriends got in on the gig.

White shirts... Because the Heat are white hot. Get it? Soooo funny.

Anyway, here's Savannah Brinson, Adrienne Williams (soon to be Bosh) and Tameka Foster in their white shirts. As far as I know, Tameka is not a wife or a girlfriend of any Heat player, so she's probably just friends with the other girls because it makes sense that one woman famous for no other reason than being married to Usher would be friends with two other women known for dating famous men. Was that rude?

And another picture of Savannah: 
I absolutely love everything about this outfit. According to The YBF she's wearing: "a BCBG jacket Co-op Tank with Scoop jeans, a vintage necklace, Louboutin shoes and a Versace bag..." AKA that outfit costs more than I make in a month.

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