Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spike Lee wears blue and orange tinted glasses... Prescription strength ones.

I'm guilty of mercilessly attacking the refs, blaming them for miscalls and scheming up conspiracy theories that I'm 500 percent sure some of them have against the Celtics... I'm also guilty of forgetting how annoying that is- until right now. Spike Lee just brought me way back down to earth:

Somebody call this man the WAMBULANCE quickly, because this is a severe case of homer-itis. It's like we watched a different game. The game I watched last night had a box score showing that the Knicks shot 11 more free throws than the Celtics. Yes- the Knicks, playing without their most aggressive post player (A'Mare) shot 11 more free throws than the Celtics. And about not getting a call in the last 2 minutes in Boston- the Knicks didn't need a call. The Knicks absolutely pulverized the Celtics on the offensive boards, and feasted off of second chance points as a result of those boards. The Knicks didn't lose Game 2 because of the refs, or a lack of resolve or effort. Not only did Carmelo have an EPIC performance- but the rest of the team put forth an amazing effort that frankly, down A'Mare and Billups, I never would have thought they were capable of. They were seconds away from winning, but the Knicks lost the game because of poor execution. Veteran teams with playoff experience know how to close games. Other teams do not... And that might sound as cliche as whining about officiating, but it is what it is. Spike Lee wants to blame the refs for costing the Knicks the game- but what about Jarred Jefferies on that last play of the game? He himself said he should have shot the ball, instead of trying to force it to Bill Walker (of all people), but he didn't. It was a frenzied moment and the pressure on him was off the chain- so he panicked. That's when the better team executes and less experienced teams falter, as the Knicks did. 

And okay- I also can't help but add that Paul Pierce got whacked around and hacked a heck of a lot without getting a call, and Rondo also took a couple of non-whistled cheap shots.

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