Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charlie Villanueva is no stranger to conflict.

I guess he got bored of his beef with KG and moved on to Ryan Hollis. Last night during Pistons-Cavs, Villanueva set a pick on Hollis and, if you watch the video below, you will see that he swiped at Hollis' "man region..." for lack of a better term. Then they get tangled up, broken up and eventually ejected. After he realizes he's getting ejected, Villanueva stormed full speed at Hollis again and had to be restrained by Rodney Stuckey. He was escorted to the Pistons locker room and it was at this point that he allegedly threatened to kill Hollis, (allegedly) stating, "I will kill that dude. I don't give a f*ck." He then tried to exit and go in to the Cavs locker room, but he was stopped by police.
I don't know what Hollis did to so royally piss him off, but seeing as it was one of the last games of a crappy season for Detroit (they're 29-52), I'm pretty sure he should calm down. I like to be fair, so let's remember that we don't know what Hollis did to make him so mad and we don't know if he actually threatened to kill him, but still. Calm down. And charging at him again only after you find out you've been ejected from the game? Wamp, wamp. False show of bravery, he already knew he'd be escorted off the court. It's just about time for him to go and sit on the beach somewhere for summer, so he can properly enjoy that 35 million dollar contract he signed with Detroit.

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