Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recap: C's lose as the clock winds down on a J. Kidd 3

With the Celtics down 2 with seconds to go, and Rondo as the inbound passer, I thought the game was as good as in overtime... Or that maybe we'd get lucky and KG would get fouled as he went up to catch the lob and lay it in, and the Celtics would steal it at the buzzer. Instead, Rondo threw a bad pass, and KG wasn't able to catch it. It was actually kind of shocking- how many times have we seen him nail that pass, from all over the court? Too many to count. Tommy was just as confused as I was. He couldn't believe Rondo didn't connect with KG. All he could keep talking about was where the pass should have gone, and where Rondo should have aimed on the backboard... Like Rondo didn't know, better than anyone else, and like we haven't seen it happen successfully time and time again. Maybe a Celtics win just wasn't in the stars last night. Chris Forsberg said it best- we're spoiled by this team. They're so well oiled, they're so disciplined and they execute so well in crunch time, that on the rare occasion they come up empty, we're left scratching our heads as to why. Well- here's why, and it's not some deep, complicated theory- the Celtic offense went stagnant over the last 2:43 of the 4th quarter, and they didn't score. There was also some kind of defensive breakdown on the Mavs last play. Dirk Nowitzki was triple teamed and Jason Kidd was left wide open. Ray Allen ran to get back to Kidd, almost jumped out of the building on a Kidd pump fake, and Kidd buried the three.  Wamp! But I'm with Doc on this one, who, like Forsberg, summed it up quite simply, "We just lost the game. We didn't play great, we didn't play poorly. We just lost the basketball game. I don't think I'm going to look too deeply in to this one." KG shared that sentiment, "When it came down to it, we didn't make the shots that we usually make." And it's true, KG missed a wide open 15 footer towards the end of the 4th quarter that's usually money. It just didn't go in that time. It happens.

Speaking of KG- he got in to a skirmish with JJ Barea last night. There was mutual contact between them, and some pushing and shoving- but then a ref came to separate them and KG hit the refs hand off of him. I know it's KG and he's in the zone at all times- but this can't keep happening. The Celtics need him on the floor as much as possible, and if he keeps it up, he could be suspended... And nobody has time for that foolishness.

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