Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh man. Ish just got real with Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan.

Something tells me he's not going to be inviting her to live with him and then kicking her out every weekend anymore. CBS Sports reports:

Orlando guard Gilbert Arenas was served with child support and custody papers as he left the court during halftime of the Magic’s game against Miami.
A process server stopped Arenas as he walked off the court during Thursday night’s loss to the Heat. The court documents, obtained by the Associated Press, were a California petition filed by Laura Mendoza Govan. She identified herself as his ex-girlfriend in the documents.
The petition seeks custody and child support for three children that Govan says Arenas fathered and has since “financially cut off.” She is also seeking support for another unborn child as well monthly support for the other children.
In the petition, she is seeking $109,000 in monthly support payments from Arenas and $1.3 million annually.

Why oh whyyy couldn't this have happened tomorrow, in Boston?! I'm really wondering what motivational speaker extraordinaire, head Coach Stan Van Gundy, had to say about this. The man has a natural grace about him, and a real way with words.

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