Sunday, February 6, 2011

Recap: The Celtics are better than the Magic.

I was at the game today. Rondo had a monster game, and I was also really impressed by Perk. The Celtics started out slow, and had a rough first quarter. They recovered and thoroughly outplayed the Magic for the remaining three quarters, even though the refs sucked. Dwight Howard is annoying and whines a lot.

Being there when Marquis got injured was harrowing and really hard. It happened so fast, and all of the sudden he was just lying on the floor motionless, and 18,000 people were silent. I felt absolutely helpless, and shocked, and even a little bit nauseous. I also felt like I shouldn't even be there, and like I had no business to be sitting there watching him in his time of great pain and panic. Words can not describe my relief in learning that he's going to be okay. The Celtics played more inspired basketball after it happened... but after he was taken off of the court, it was hard for me to transition back in to watching the game. It felt wrong for me to get in to the game and cheer and be happy when he was in the hospital. Don't get me wrong, it's admirable that the Celtics kept their composure and won that game. I'm sure they thought of him while doing so. I don't personally know Marquis Daniels, but everyone who's a big fan of any team knows that it's an emotional thing. As an NBA fan, you watch your team 82 nights a year, and it's inevitable that you develop a connection to your team and it's players. I am thankful for all that Marquis has brought to this team in the past 2 years, and I wish him a speedy, safe recovery.

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