Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kenny Anderson stomps all over my childhood dreams.

Remember these days?
Flashback to the 1997-98 NBA season: I was in 6th grade and OBSESSED with the lowly Celtics (they finished 26-36 that year). I didn't even fully grasp just how bad they were at that age. I obviously noticed that they lost a lot, often by blowout- but I had the idyllic mind of a youth, and I truly believed that they would come back the next game and be better, because I thought they had all of this great talent. These were the Rick Pitino days, so the roster was stock fall of Kentucky guys: Antoine Walker, Ron Mercer and Walter McCarty. These were also the days that Chauncey Billups and Bruce Bowen wore Green... And of course Kenny Anderson, too. I LOVED me some Kenny. He was my guy (though to be fair, the only person I didn't like on that team was Pervis Ellison... And there were some real winners on that roster: Greg Minor, Zan Tabak, Roy Rogers... Oy), he was the veteran point guard in town at a time when Chauncey Billups was a baby faced rookie fresh out of Colorado, so he seemed to me to be the more reliable player to have at the 1. Plus, every single time he was interviewed, he used the word "loquacious." So how could you not love him?

Anyway, Mr. Anderson is now retired and his post basketball financial woes have been well documented. But now, thanks to the American epidemic that is reality television, the fact that he's a huge cheater and a negligent father have been well documented as well. Wamp!!!

Kenny's ex-wife, Tami Roman (pictured above), is a member of the esteemed program "Basketball Wives." I don't watch this show because why would I? But I do read the blogs, so I'm well versed enough to share. So anyway, Tami and Kenny had two daughters together before getting divorced. Tami went in to the marriage with 70,000 dollars of her own money. There was no prenup, and she came out of the marriage broke. Kenny paid child support to Tami for a little while, and Tami admits that she misallocated those funds. Kenny then ceased paying child support, and Tami ended up completely broke. She sought government assistance to support her family, all while Kenny neglected his daughters and didn't see them for 10 years. Tami also revealed that Kenny was a serial cheater and had two children with other women during their marriage.  Sad!! (source) He now has SEVEN kids with five different women. The man is busy... But he may have at least started down the road of becoming better: he was reunited with his two daughters (on the show... so hopefully it wasn't just for TV). He also went back to school and successfully got his degree.

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