Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hell hath no fury like a baby mama woman scorned. Did Laura Govan rob Gilbert Arenas?

Oh boy. So first Gilbert Arenas leaves town on a pregnant Laura Govan, and now she (allegedly) robs his Virginia home!

Now comes word from a source very close to Lauren, that she’s gone and done the unthinkable…She’s robbed his Great Falls, Virginia home, taking clothes, shoes, furniture, and even Gilbert’s fish tank and sharks. Laura has repeatedly asked Gilbert for money several times over the last month unsuccessfully. Laura has also been threatening to go to press over drug allegations involving Arenas dealing marijuana…Gilbert has yet to press charges and is trying to keep a lid on it..I doubt this will end amicably for either party.(source)

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Did she or didn't she? You never know... But this would be quite the scandal. And sorry- but once again I fail to understand. If he wanted to leave her, why leave DC without saying anything to her? Why not say, "Hey, I've been traded to the Magic. We're over. Let's figure out child support. DEUCES!!!" Could he not have avoided this whole situation??

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