Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nick Young helped hide Gilbert Arenas from his pregnant fiance for a month before Agent 0 was traded to Orlando. For this, I think that the Celtics need to make Nick Young have a crappy game tonight.

Here's what happened:

Gilbert Arenas is (or was? not sure) engaged to the pregnant mother of his 3 children, Laura Govan (her sister Gloria is on the VH1 reality show "Basketball Wives" and is engaged to Matt Barnes. Busy famiky). Arenas and Govan have been publicly off again, on again, even though Govan has gotten pregnant by him once a year for the past 4 years. Most recently, Govan was rumored to be having an affair with our very own SHAQ-TUS!! The scandal!!! Can you imagine?? Engaged to Gilbert Arenas and having an affair with Shaq!! It's too much. Anyway, Govan and Arenas deny that there was any truth to the affair rumors, even though emails between Govan and Shaq leaked. See below, and also check out the link to see the rest.
Arenas and Govan got engaged, Govan got pregnant again and everything was supposedly merry. 
....Until Arenas was traded to the Magic at Christmastime. Then it comes out that Arenas and Govan had been on nonspeaking terms since Thanksgiving, and Arenas had stopped supporting her financially... And by his extension of that, had also stopped providing money for his children. It turns out that Arenas had been living with teammate Nick Young from Thanksgiving until the time he was traded at Christmas. Govan claims that she was left with no money to buy food or Christmas gifts for her children.  Gilbert seems to think it's okay to act this way, because when he was traded, he made this statement to the Washington Post: 

He told The Post after his Dec. 20 debut with the Magic that he was so eager to move that he bought a same-day ticket to Florida the minute he'd heard about the trade: "I went to the airport and left. I didn't have a chance to say bye to anybody. I didn't even say bye to the kids. But Arenas also said that Washington would remain "in my heart" because "that's where I raised my kids and have my family")

Sir, your behavior is unacceptable... But so is Nick Young's, because he was the one harboring the fugitive. He should have told his friend to go home and face up to whatever messy situation he and Govan were in, instead of letting him hide out at his house. TISK TISK!!! So with that said, I hope that the Celtics are gunning for him tonight. 

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