Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two Celtics things to keep an eye on: One good, one maybe good but probably bad.

Let's start with the good news: Ray Allen is 28 three's away from breaking Reggie Miller's record for most career 3 pointers made. Miller's record is 2,560. Ray will probably chip away a little bit at that differential tonight. Here's what Mr. Miller had to say about Ray creeping up on him:

“Shooting is boring. It takes time and you have to spend hours working on your craft. Players don’t want to put up the sacrifice to do it. That’s why I applaud Ray Allen, at 35 years old, getting ready to break my (NBA record for 3-point field goals) in the next month and a half. He’s the best shooter in this league and that’s sad, because there should be some young gunslinger coming up saying, I’m going to shatter Ray Allen’s record. There’s no one alive that’s going to break his record.”

Classy of Reggie to say... But haha, you know he's mad.

Now for the slightly more crappy news: Jermaine O'Neal traveled to New York Monday to get a second opinion on his knee. He is considering surgery on his bothersome left knee. If surgery would keep him on the shelf through the playoff's, he will bite the bullet and play through pain this year. He has missed 24 of the 40 games played so far this year. He was apparently supposed to come back yesterday to make a decision, but was unable to travel due to the inclement weather. Obviously this decision could not be discussed over the phone...

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