Friday, January 21, 2011

The CBBG after dark: I'm trying to decide if the Pacers would rather be known for the brawl with Detroit in '04... Or for stiffing prostitutes and not paying them.

Sigh. Poor Indiana. They tear the whole team up and trade almost everyone away after the infamous Pacers-Pistons brawl in 2004, in an attempt to turn the page and create a new team image- and they've had marginal success in this venture. They have a solid coach in Jim O'Brien, big time talent in Danny Granger, and some young prospects in AJ Price, Darren Collison, and big man Roy Hibbert.

Too bad Pacer rookie Lance Stephenson doesn't seem too on board with the idea of improving the Pacer image. First, he was arrested for domestic assault, after allegedly pushing the mother of his child down a flight of concrete stairs. And now Media Takeout reports that Stephenson employed the use of a prostitute and failed to pay her for her err... services. The link contains a video. I didn't feel the need to post it here.

But I do have several questions.

1) Why would an NBA player need to hire a prostitute? It seems to me that sex is readily available for them... And for free.

2) Even if for some reason he needed a prostitute to have sex, isn't the point of hiring a prostitute that it's supposed to be discreet? This same lady has been previously (very publicly) linked to Matt Barnes.

Poor planning, Lance Stephenson. Very poor planning.

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