Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Girls talk sports: looking ahead to Celtics-Kings

Not that it matters, but the Kings are 8-27 overall this year. The Celtics need to show up to play like they're 27-8, because they have a tendency to play down to teams with lowly records and the Green will want to avoid losing 3 straight. While the Kings are capable of scoring the ball (they scored 133 points last night against the Wizards), they don't really like to play defense (the Wizards scored 136 in an overtime win). On average, the Kings allow their opponents to score 116 points/game, while shooting an average of 52 percent. These are numbers I can get down with. This means that on offense, the Celtics need to move the ball around and be patient, because the Kings won't want anything to do with trying to play 24 seconds of tough defense. Defensively, the Celtics need to communicate much more than they have been as of late, and show some energy. The Kings are a team that want to run up and down and try to win the game by shooting the lights out. The Celtics need to set and control the pace.

Last years Rookie of the Year and the Kings leading scorer, Tyreke Evans, is a maybe for tonight. He's missed the last couple of games with a sprained ankle. If he does play, Evans is a tough match. He's big and strong, and a dynamic scorer. Demarcus Cousins is another potentially difficult match up, but he's an interesting case. I'd say that he's likely to become more of a problem in a couple of years, because he's really young and pretty immature right now. Faults aside, he's very talented and at 6'11 and 270, Baby will have his hands full trying to match him. KG is probably still a no go for tonight, but we can all agree he shouldn't rush back.

In happier news, here's a video of Delonte West back on the basketball court, putting up shots!

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