Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking back: Game 37. Another clunker.

The bottom line: It was evident from the opening minutes of the game that Celtics fans were in for a long night. It was pretty much a continuation of the same dismal-ness that we saw in Chicago: no energy, no defense, and lots of jump shots. Barf!!! I'm pretty sure KG was in the locker room beside himself. Hopefully he changed the channel. I know I did :) The Celtics didn't take advantage of their size. They were smothered by the Houston defense all night and looked clueless when the Rockets played a zone.

On a night where everyone else looked like they'd rather be at home watching Auburn v Oregon battle for the BCS National Championship (congrats, Cam Newton), Marquis Daniels showed up ready to go... Too bad nobody else in Green joined him. Over the course of 24 minutes of play, he put up an impressive line of 19 points, 7 rebounds and 3 steals in 24 minutes of play. So, shout out to him for being the only guy in Green who looked like he actually cared about winning. Jermaine O'Neal also showed some signs of life last night, which is always welcome.

The Celtics have now lost 4 out of their last 9 games. Let's hope we're not in for another long winter, like last season. Doc Rivers is pissed off, and I'm sure that the players share in his same sentiment. I hold out faith that this is a mental hurdle that this team can pass, and that they will return to playing inspired, team basketball (hopefully soon). It's so boring to say at this point, since it's been said over and over again- but they will undoubtedly be energized by the return of KG. Let's hope he's well enough to be on the floor tomorrow against Sacramento. We also have no idea how this team will play with a full roster, once Perk and Delonte West are back on the floor, but it's exciting to think about. All of the injuries undoubtedly make it harder for this team to win games, but it's not a valid excuse to lose games that they should clearly win. This team is way too good for that. Let's hope for a strong rebound against the Kings tomorrow.   

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