Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rihanna has superpowers. I knew it.

Rihanna sat court side at the Clippers-Heat game last night in LA... Which the Clippers WON 111-105. Yes, the franchise that is so bad that many people call them cursed, the lowest of the low- the 13-24 Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Heat. The only logical explanation that I can think of for this to have happened is Rihanna. She's either a good luck charm for the Clippers, or she possesses the ability to curse the Heat. Either one of those would be cool, but I'm hoping for the latter. That way, maybe some kind of deal could be worked out where she's in attendance at many, if not all, Miami games.
Sitting court side, working her super powers.
Another shot of her in action.

Leaving post game, mission accomplished. All in a nights work.

Thanks Ri-Ri!!

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