Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deron Williams to the Nets. Troy Murphy to Golden State.

The Nets had to part with Derrick Favors to get this deal done. Favors is a young, promising talent, but he has a ways to go. You gotta give to get. But what's going on in Utah? Turmoil between Sloan and Williams pushes Sloan out the door, but then Williams gets traded? The Jazz also got some pretty good draft picks out of this, so maybe they're looking towards the future. 

Troy Murphy is off to Golden State. The blogs are all abuzz that Murphy will be bought out and available to sign with another team. Boston and Miami seem to be the top contenders. So- next stop for Murphy... Boston? Murphy is 6'11, so he wouldn't be a back up for Paul, but with JO, Shaq and Semih battling injuries and Perk coming off surgery, another big body wouldn't be a bad thing at all. Still, I remain more concerned with the lack of depth at the 3. The Celtics seem to be exploring all possible options for a reserve swingman. Two new names have popped out that are exciting: Jared Dudley and Mickael Pietrus. Danny Ainge apparently approached Phoenix about them, but the talks fizzled out... Oh well, in the NBA you never know what could happen.  

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