Sunday, February 20, 2011

I compiled all my favorite pictures from All-Star weekend parties and other such festivities.

Rondo, Paul Pierce and KG walked the red carpet together
Loving our three men in black.

Our very own Glen Davis struck a pose on the red carpet at a party
Okay, Glen! Looking good from the waist up. This might have looked nicer with dressier pants or a darker wash of denim... But he looks dapper anyway and it looks like he had a fun time. 

Javale McGee was at the same party, because he's relevant now
But this outfit... No, no. 

Lebron and Jay-Z... Jigga always looks dapper. This is a better look for Lebron.

LOTS more pictures of Celtics and other NBAer's from parties and other random events after the jump

Chris Bosh and his fiance were there. I'm not even trying to be a jerk- but honestly... If Chris Bosh was going to be buying all my clothes, I would look SO FLY. Chris looks pretty nice- all black, nicely tailored. But his fiance. There shouldn't have been any tights. Those bracelets are really distracting. And someone please help her with her hair. I can't take it. 
D. Wade and Gabrielle Union showed up, too. D. Wade looks pretty nice. He pulls off the suit with sneakers look... And Gabrielle looks flawless, per the usual. She's gorgeous. 

Nicki Minaj performed... This is a toned down look for her and she looks FAB!

Earlier in the day, some ladies showed up for the NBA Beats All-Star Brunch
Gabrielle Union again, looking flawless... Again. And Lebron's fiance? Girlfriend? Companion? Whatevs, Savannah Brinson. I like her salmon dress, it will be a great tone for spring.
Here's the whole group... Chris Bosh's fiance is second from the right. Someone pleaseeee get her a stylist. 

Tony Parker showed up for the T-Mobile party and posed with some... friends. I see you, Tony. TEAM EVA!!!!
KG wears clothes SO well. I loved his outfit last night. 
He sat next to D. Wade and his son, and swore up a storm. I love him. 

Kim Kardashian  had her hand in Kris Humphries pocket. 
I thought it was supposed to be the other way around... Ba-dum ching!!!
Shaq hung out with the enemy. 

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