Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The real reason why Carmelo went to the Knicks... According to one message board.

First of all, let me just say this: when I found out Carmelo had been officially traded to the Knicks last night, I breathed a serious sigh of relief. The Lebron drama went on all summer, and that was immediately followed by months and months of speculation about where Carmelo would end up. It seems we'll have a brief respite from all the drama... Just in time for the summer, when Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Dwight Howard will all be free agents. But enough is enough, people! All of the hype, all of the speculation, all of the bending over backwards catering to superstar basketball players with their super sized egos, all the shady dealings of gold diggers like World Wide Wes (google it if you don't know)... It all starting to make me feel so disheartened. I plan on not looking at Twitter or ESPN this summer, to shelter myself from the insanity. 

Anyways, one writer on a message board had this to say about Carmelo's move to the Big Apple: 

Melo is now in NY full time and he can spend more time with his babymama and side baby. 

The side baby is 10 months old and the reason LaLa and Melo got married in the first place. It was either they get married or La was leaving for good. 

Melo also has a side chick in Cali that he pays her bills and bought her a car. I wonder if the Cali side piece will remain in the picture.

sidenote: look forward to Amare and CiCi to creep even more than they already do since Melo is a Knick now. They actually might become public now with La being behind it all.

One sign that you read blogs too much: upon reading that Carmelo went to NY you immediately thought about how Ciara would be all up in MSG with Lala, and the rumors would start going about her and Amare again... Because that's exactly what went through my mind. **Shaking my head at myself.**

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