Monday, February 21, 2011

Random odds and ends: Rondo on the Pre-Game meal with Shannon Allen, the Celtics get booed in LA.

Rondo and Shannon cooked up crispy unfried chicken, cornbread, green beans, AND some sweet tea... my favorite beverage eevveerrr. You can find the recipe for it all right here, should you be interested in making any of it at home.

Also, I watched a little bit of the All-Star game last night... As I'm sure everyone knows, Kobe won MVP. I can't stand the Lakers, but I will be completely honest: I don't hate Kobe. Besides that I'm a Celtics fan by the books: I can't stand Lebron, Chris Bosh is overrated, I'll never forgive Amare Stoudemire for bashing Paul Pierce's front teeth in all those years ago in Phoenix, I hate the Heat, etc. But for some reason, I just don't have that Kobe hate in me. Say what you will about his life off the court, but on the floor it's undeniable that the guy is one of the best of all time AND is a proven winner. So anyway, he was on a mission last night to win the MVP- because he had to best Lebron James, he hears everyone doubting the Lakers and he wanted to show everyone he's not old and done. I guess he successfully accomplished that mission. I'd rather Kobe win in this type of situation than Lebron any day. Maybe that's just me.

The 4 Celtics didn't play too much. That's cool with me. They all checked in together, and which was nice to see... And nobody got hurt! That was the best part. They also got booed a lot. Hilarious!

Poor Paul! Gets the loudest boos in his hometown. Sike! You know he loves it. 

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