Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The blogs don't know which way is up: Ciara reportedly dating Amare and Lebron.

On Lebron:

My people and I were at a lounge, feeling good and drinking. Sitting next to us was someone who was there with a friend. We all started chit chatting and I bought them each a shot. One of them told me that they worked at Mastro's. Later on, we were talking about NBA players and their significant others. Somewhere along the line we started talking about Beyonce and Jay Z. We were kind of tipsy and all over the place. Anyways, when we were talking about Camel and Bey, the employee told me that Ciara and Lebron had been at Mastro's like 3 months ago, alone, and Lebron's people had called up beforehand requesting that they eat in the private dining room. The employee also said that the only people who knew they were there were the employees because Ciara and Lebron came and left separately.

On Amare:

Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire has set his sights on Grammy-winning singer and model Ciara. New York’s hottest sports hero has been spotted dining out with the stunning songbird in recent weeks, and on Monday night, the pair shared dinner at STK with a group of 15, including fellow Knick Carmelo Anthony and his wife, LaLa Vazquez. But sources tell us Amar’e and Ciara have also been seen together alone at the restaurant and at other Meatpacking hot spots. One said, “Ciara is best friends with LaLa and has been attending Knicks games with her, including Monday’s game. Through Melo and LaLa, her friendship with Amar’e has developed. They have been seen out together on numerous occasions.”

One spy said Ciara and Amar’e had dinner at STK alone together two weeks ago, when Amar’e was overheard asking for a private table as they arrived. They’ve also been spotted at The Collective.

A rep for Stoudemire told us, “I know that they are friends,” but declined to comment further. But a source close to the team added, “Ciara is extremely close to LaLa and always sits with her in Carmelo’s seats at the games. Ciara has become friends with Amar’e because they are all spending time together.” Reps for Ciara didn’t get back to us.

Obviously it's all speculation and nobody really knows what's going on. It's my personal opinion that people should stop speculating about who she's dating and start paying more attention to her music. I love CiCi!

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