Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dominique Wilkins is 51 and he will eff you up.

Apparently Mr. Wilkins owed Mr. Rashan S Michel (pictured on the left) money for several suits purchased a couple of years ago. So reports the AJC:

"Wilkins was on the court doing a live broadcast after the game when Michel approached him from the stands and “very loudly and aggressively started to address him regarding a matter.” Wilkins and Hawks security began to “step back further onto the court in an attempt to avoid the situation,” Campos said.

Michel made his way onto the court after the Hawks defeated the Orlando Magic and “at some point physically assaulted both Mr. Wilkins and the security guard for the Hawks,” Campos said. An off-duty APD officer took Michel into custody, he said.

Wilkins was not injured. The security guard had cuts on his face, Campos said.

Campos did not have details on what Michel was yelling at Wilkins or what the disagreement was about.

“The basic understanding we have was that this was a disagreement over a civil matter involving clothing,” Campos said.

Michel tweeted about the incident, however, saying Wilkins owed him money."

Umm... Hot mess in the streets. You're a grown man, with apparently some kind of legit business, since he was selling Dominique Wilkins suits. I'm gonna need him to step his game up.

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