Thursday, March 31, 2011

Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers say the opposite thing about Shaq on the same day.

Honestly, this team should hire me. I think I'd make a great publicist. I have no formal training, but I'm sure I could concoct a unified front, quite unlike the current situation:

Doc Rivers said this:
The Boston Celtics are starting to get worried that Shaquille O'Neal's sabbatical from the game to deal with an assortment of right foot/leg/Achilles tendon continues to take longer than expected.

While the goal is to have him suit up before the playoffs, Celtics coach Doc Rivers acknowledged on Thursday that the team has no definitive idea as to when the 7-foot-1 center will be back.

"I really hope we can get him before the playoffs," said Rivers, who added that the injury is starting to "get close to bleeding" into the team's postseason plans.

And Danny Ainge said this: 
Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge joined The Big Show for his weekly interview on Thursday afternoon. Ainge was first asked about the status of Shaquille O’NealDoc Rivers indicated earlier on Thursday that O’Neal’s achilles injury could be a problem in the postseason.

“I was just with Shaq, we were just working out down in Waltham,” said Ainge. “Shaq is either going to play Sunday or Tuesday. … I think that Doc probably — “bleed into the playoffs” — I think is something different than he’s not going to play until the playoffs. But it looks like he’s ready to go Sunday or Tuesday.”
Come on now. Even if nobody has any idea when Shaq will come back, or IF he even will, I'd contest that unity is key. Everyone should be saying the same thing, to minimize speculation. 

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