Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A belated Valentines post: Poignant preparations for the holiday, care of Pierce and Perkins.

Better late than never- you can take notes on this post for next year, so that you may celebrate the holiday in Celtic style. It's a side of the Celtics that we don't often see, but how do the Captain and the Big Man woo their ladies on Valentines Day?

Well, Paul took to his Boston Globe blog and shared... A lot. Here's my favorite excerpt:

"But in general, there’s always a lot of pampering going on in the Pierce house on Valentine’s Day. It’s almost like another birthday or another holiday for your girl. And I can be romantic. There are definitely certain situations where I’ve been romantic. I’ve put together a nice dinner, put on a nice suit … maybe run the bath water. Make a quick stop at Victoria’s Secret and some of my wife’s favorite spots. Sprinkle some flower petals around the room. I got some romance in my game."

Don't get me wrong. I believe Paul has romance in his game. But I just can't resist myself here- I just really need to know what a nice suit looks like to Paul... Because I love love love the man 10 times over... But off the court fashion choices of his have never been my favorite. Oh there have been some classics, over the years... 
The colors... and the high waters... It's a lot.
And my man CONSISTENTLY wears the knee length jacket, so LA circa 1995. I just don't get it. But I love him, so he can wear whatever he wants. 

After the jump, learn how Perk got ready for February 14th. 

I saw this video on Celtics Life, so big shout outs to them for this good find and a great post. And shout out to Perk for playing florist so well. Cute!

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