Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tony Parker wined and dined a mystery brunette on Valentines Day. Where was Eva Longoria?

Tony Parker was spotted in New York City having a grand old time:

San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker celebrated Valentine’s Day, a win over the New Jersey Nets — and his divorce — by canoodling with a brunette at Tao on East 58th Street. Parker was dining and drinking champagne with friends while “kissing and hugging the girl at the table,” said a witness.
The ex-husband of Eva Longoria and the beauty continued partying at Greenhouse, where onlookers saw more flirting and kissing. Parker and the mystery woman left separately near 4 a.m. Parker’s rep said, “He had a fun night out with friends.”

Where was Eva? I don't know, but don't worry about her... She's doing just fine. She's been dating? Rebounding? Galevanting? Pick your choice, but she's been seen out and about with Eduardo Cruz, younger brother of Penelope Cruz.

Am I wrong for being completely Team Eva on this one? I always thought they seemed like a really nice couple. Eva was ever present at Spurs games and seemed to be his number one fan.
And then come to find out he was having some kind of weird sexting relationship with Brent Barry's soon to be ex-wife. Team Eva all day.

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  1. I'm with you! He's silly for letting her go!