Friday, February 18, 2011

The Celtics have interest in Anthony Parker. Too bad the Cavs have lost their mind.

Marc Stein reports:
The Celts covet an extra playoff-tested shooter/defender as much as the Bulls, with Marquis Daniels out indefinitely and Delonte West missing much of the season so far. Yet it remains to be seen whether either of the two teams is willing to meet Cleveland's asking price.

The Cavs are seeking a quality draft pick or a young big man with promise in exchange for Parker, who’s averaging 11.5 points and shooting 47 percent on 3-pointers in February.

Sure, the Celtics have young, big men with promise. In fact, there are several: Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis and Semih Erden. Out of those three, Semih is obviously the person that the Celtics would most easily part ways with... But not in exchange for 35 year old, 6'6 Anthony Parker. Not happening. Parker is a high basketball IQ, sturdy player. He would be a good fit for both the Celtics and the Bulls, and the Cavs probably think they can set the bar high because they see there are some desperate teams out there. Try again.

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