Friday, February 18, 2011

The trade deadline is 6 days away. Will the Celtics make a move? Is Richard Hamilton a possibility?

The rumors that the Celtics are looking to make a move have been swirling for weeks now. The team has been linked to many names, from Richard Hamilton, to Troy Murphy, to Anthony Parker. 

It seems that Murphy might have to be taken out of the equation.Talks between New Jersey and Denver have started again andMurphy would be included in any deal that sent Carmelo to New Jersey. it's okay with me if the Celtics don't get him, he's not my number one choice. 

My number one choice is already in a Celtics uniform, and that's Marquis Daniels. I'm holding out hope that Marquis is able to make a comeback. There has been no work from the Celtics on the status of Marquis, other than that he won't be coming back any time soon. I'd say it's safe to assume that whether he's able to make any comeback at all is still very much up in the air. With that in mind, Peter May compiled a list of potential trade candidates. This list includes Josh Childress, old friend James Posey, Richard Hamilton, Troy Murphy and Ramon Sessions. 

We've already discussed how Murphy won't be available, and I'd also cross Sessions off that list. I'm assuming that the Celtics are looking for a 3 man and some size in any deal that they make, and Sessions is a 6'3 guard. He's a sturdy basketball player, and can put up points, but it's just not what the Celtics are looking for at this point in time. I'd also take Childress off the list- May explains that while the Celtics could send Robinson and Daniels to Phoenix in exchange for Childress, Childress has 4 years left on his deal after this one. The Celtics will need to re-sign Glen Davis and Kendrick Perkins, and I don't think they'd want to jeopordize those signings but tying up money investing in Childress for anything after this year. So.... Next! The most enticing name on this list to me is Richard Hamilton. It's highly unlikely that Rip will end up in a Celtics uniform, but May lays it out: 

If Hamilton goes anywhere, it probably won't be for a while, but his name is out there because he basically has been euthanized by the Pistons. He has appeared in one game since Jan. 12. Hamilton earns $12.5 million this season, the same in 2011-12 and has a $9 million buyout in 2012-13. No one with that kind of contract gets bought out now. Additionally, there is going to be an ownership change in Detroit, so everything can be viewed to be on hold. Plus, why would the Pistons cut Hamilton a $20 million check when he still has some value around the league? Sure, he would be an ideal backup in Boston. And, remember, Joe Dumars owes Ainge. Seven years ago, when Dumars was desperately trying to get Rasheed Wallace from Atlanta, he needed a third team to make it work. Ainge stepped in and made it happen, getting a No. 1 pick out of the deal along with some flotsam and jetsam (Chucky Atkins, Lindsey Hunter). Dumars has always said that if that deal had not gotten done, the Pistons would not have won a title.
That's right Joe, so pay up and send Rip over. I just have to say that the way the Pistons are treating Rip is WACK and way beyond disrespectful. The man still has some basketball left in him and could be a contributer. Free Rip!!!
After the cut, May makes a case for James Posey.

Big Game James has all but disappeared on the Indiana bench since Jim O'Brien was sacked, logging four minutes in the past 10 games. No one in Boston needs to be reminded of Posey's penchant for coming up big or for his locker room presence. He also knows the system. But he turned 34 in January and there was a sense in Boston after the 2008 title that Posey, then a free agent, might have already played his best basketball. Why would the Celtics revisit this one if they drew the line on a deal three years ago? (They wouldn't go out four years. New Orleans did. And Posey's contract took on another $670,000 via trade kicker when he was dealt to the Pacers.) Like the Childress deal, this one would require both Daniels and Robinson and would save the Pacers some $3 million. (Or, Jermaine O'Neal could be packaged back to Indy, saving the Pacers almost $1.4 million next year.) Either of those scenarios would go over well in cash-strapped Indiana. But the Celtics would be taking on Posey's contract, worth more than $7 million. If they think Posey has anything left this season, it might be worth a gamble. There's another $7 million due next year, but some of that could get wiped away by a lockout. 

I don't know how much basketball James has left in him. Even with Jermaine O'Neal incapacitated for seemingly an indefinite amount of time, I don't know how comfortable I'd be swapping a big body for Posey. I also don't know how I'd feel about giving up Nate for him. Say what you will about the little guys recent performance, but I think he's a good locker room guy and no matter what his numbers are, he always brings great energy off the bench, and that is something of great value on a veteran team. I also maintain that Nate will improve with the return of Delonte West. Making it even more difficult to bring James Posey back is that the fans of Boston would inevitably want and expect the 2008 James Posey to appear... And it just wouldn't happen. 


  1. i ageee with not wanting to take on all those years by acquiring childress, but the guy is a real player. he was a standout at stanford, and had an okay stint in atlanta. i think the real problem hes having in phoenix is lack of playing time.

  2. I don't know where the Troy Murphy talk is at but I think he'd look good in Green. And gives them another perimeter shot maker and tough headed guy.