Sunday, February 13, 2011

The injury bug just won't stop biting!

The Celtics, playing with 7 guys, beat the Heat 85-82 today. It was an impressive win, and showed how much grit this team has.

The win is even more impressive if you think about this: Paul Pierce played 40 minutes and went 0-10 from the field, tallying only 1 point. Eeeek! I thought he was still bothered by the flu, which hampered him during the LA game. Nope, turns out there are unfortunately, much larger problems at play here. Chris Forsberg reports that Paul is battling injuries to both his wrist and his foot, and has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow to take a look at his foot. Hopefully the MRI comes back clean. I have seven words for him: NO ALL STAR GAME FOR YOU, SIR! Rest, rest and more rest, please!!!!

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