Friday, March 25, 2011

5 Questions with Shaq.

Via Marc Stein:

Q: How much do you look forward to the opportunity to go up against guys like Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum in the playoffs?

Excuse me? Don't ask me a question like that.

Q: But that's what people want to know. Those guys are playing so well and everyone wants to see if you can match up with them one-on-one.

First of all, they won't dare play me one-on-one, even at the tender age of 39. And you know what? Playin' those teams, it ain't gonna be about the [center] matchup, so I don't really worry about that.

Q: So there's not more pressure on you now because the Celtics traded Kendrick Perkins?
A: No. Because I've just got to rebound and play good defense. And I can do that. If I was getting the ball and taking all the shots, it'd be a lot of pressure at 39. But I've just got to rebound and play D.

Q: However you feel health-wise right now, you're convinced that you're going to be healthy enough to be a factor in the playoffs?

Yeah. Gotta be.

Q: How much thought have you given to playing beyond this season? Is there a chance that this is the last season for you?

I don't know yet. Probably not.
Oh Shaq. I love that he says games with the Magic and the Lakers aren't about the center match ups. We're lucky to have him at a point in his career when it doesn't have to be about that match up. He knows that it's about winning games, and that's it. All Shaq has to be is 39 years old, 7'1" tall and 325 pounds.

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