Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The celebs were out at Celtics v Knicks

Whoopi Goldberg and Lala were sighted chatting it up. An interesting pair...
Too bad Ciara couldn't make it last night. She usually sits with Lala... And wears the most amazing things. And shout out to Mike Gormon... When he and Tommy were talking about the celebrities present and they showed Whoopi and Lala... Mike Gormon had no idea who Lala was and only pointed out Whoopi. There's absolutely no reason why Mike Gormon should know who Lala is... But still, how refreshing! You go Mike. 

And you already know Spike Lee was in the building. He was seated next to Flo Allen. I can only imagine how that conversation went. Hilarious! Also, when Mike and Tommy talked about Flo and Spike, Tommy goes, "Nice hat! Where did he get that? Marthas Vineyard?" I'm not sure why that screams Cape Cod to Tommy... But hey. Whatever he says. 

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