Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Celtics lose to the Grizz. Left their execution in New York.

This was not the same team we saw in New York. The passion was not there, and execution was awful... Especially down the stretch. They got off to another slow start, and played an off-key game to hang in there for the whole night... Only to fall short at the end. Wamp.

I've been thinking about that seemingly ill timed Rondo floater. Doc Rivers now says he should have called a timeout... But it's easy to say that in hindsight, and so much harder to do while it's happening. Rondo is generally very trustworthy, and as we all know, he is the general of the offense... So we trust his judgement. I was surprised to see him throw that floater up- and not because there was so much time left on the shot clock and replays show that Paul Pierce was open in transition. I was surprised because he took that shot at the juncture in the game. He may be off his game as of late, but he has not lost his cajones and that is a good thing.

I leave you with a song from one of the baddest chicks on the planet, Nicki Minaj. It's called, "Dear old Nicki." It's basically a letter of reflection to herself, wondering where her old self went, and trying to get that person back. The Celtics could use the fight, grit, pride and passion that they had just last month, so I thought it was a good pick.

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