Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chris Bosh had a really expensive 27th birthday party.

All images C/O the ever fabulous YBF.

I guess when you're really rich this is what invitations look like:
This might not be an invitation. I may just be too poor to even know what that is, but seeing as the party was called, "The Chris Bosh Distinguished Gentlemen Birthday Party Dinner," I'd say it's a safe guess. 

Chris posed with his fiance, Adrienne. Here's an astute observation: He is tall and she is short. I like her shoes. 

More pics of Chris and his teammates after the jump.

Mario Chalmers, Juwann Howard and Udonis Haslem all partied with Chris. 

I'm thinking Tameka Raymond wins best dressed at this party. Sorry Adrienne. Looove the ivory with the grey heel. 

Lebron, Dwyane Wade and Chris posed with the cake... Ridic. But cute. Is it just me or does D. Wade totally looks like he's biting Tiger Woods' style in this outfit?

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