Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rondo has a right pinkie injury.

A. Sherrod Blakely reports that Rondo has been nursing an injury to his right pinkie for the past couple of weeks. As we all saw last night, he aggravated this injury (a mystery to us at the time) and had to come out of the game. We learned after the game that he had actually lost feeling in his hand and finger for a couple of minutes. He iced the hand and returned to action with the finger taped. Rondo actually got it going last night on the offensive end a little bit, going 4-8 from the field and ending up with 9 points over 29 minutes of play.

Chris Forseberg captured this shot of Rajon icing on the bench.

Is this some kind of male-macho pride thing? Why walk around insisting you're not hurt, while everyone stands around speculating and questioning you? The good news is that the injury is not expected to cause him to miss any games. It does seem to have Doc Rivers wanting to reduce Rondo's minutes... And that's a good thing, he was playing too much. 29 minutes is an awesome number for him. Shout out to Delonte West for continuing to play phenomenal basketball and lightning the load a little bit on Rondo. *Fingers crossed* hoping that he can avoid any further injuries.

It should be pointed out that a right pinkie injury doesn't really explain why Rondo has been sluggish and a step behind. But hey. It's an 82 game season, and these guys didn't have much of a summer, after they played in to May. Hopefully these reduced minutes for Rondo continue, so that he can rest up, if not heal some of these nagging maladies. My faith in #9 remains steadfast.

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